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Family, Pizza, and a Movie

Isn't it interesting how a small shift in a rote routine can trigger a spark of creativity and lay the groundwork for strengthened family bonds?

Every weekend, our family does pizza and a movie night at home. This little ritual has been going on for many years and usually happens on Friday evenings. This weekend, we decided to kick it up a notch by making the pizza as opposed to getting it delivered. Making homemade pizza was our daughter’s idea, and I think she may be on to something. It was fun, and we were all excited by the outcome.

Pizza and movie night is one of our routines. We have other customs, but this one is almost sacred. I’d venture to suggest our weekly activity has reached the status of tradition. We like pizza. Strike that. There’s no reason to downplay the fact that we love pizza. L-O-V-E. We’ve been eating the stuff weekly for years and still haven’t grown tired of it. We also enjoy watching a movie after a full week of work, school, and other activities. We appreciate pizza and movies but our weekend ritual is more about hanging out and chilling as a family.

Let me get back to the thought of how my daughter is on to something. The idea of making our pizza appeals to me because it turns a passive engagement of hanging out into an active one. It is an opportunity for us to be creative together. It’s a chance to win together. It also presents a possibility to fail together. And failure can be just as fun. The memory of making a horrible pizza is something we can laugh about later. Something as simple as homemade pizza can create long-lasting memories.

I’m grateful for my family, and the time we have together. I’m thankful for my daughter’s creative spirit. It’s funny how a small shift in routine can open up new possibilities and strengthen our family bond. Will we make our pizza from now on? It’s unlikely that we’ll do so every week. Even if we never do it again, I’m willing to bet we’ll all remember the night we did. And for the record, our first attempt was a big win.

And that is my gratitude for today.

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